British retailer

DIT: Why China’s ecommerce boom is great for British retail

China is one of the largest and fastest growing ecommerce markets in the world. The country now has one billion internet users and increasing numbers of people are using mobile devices to shop on-the-go. As the market evolves, opportunities emerge for UK fashion brands and retailers to sell their goods […]

Apple Pay problem in China

Apple Pay’s Problem in China

Based on iResearch’s report 2017 Q1 Third Party Mobile Payment Market Report, Alipay and WeChat Pay each has 54% and 40% market share, Apple Pay has less than 6% share among the ‘rest’ After entering China one and half years ago, Apple Pay launched a large-scale marketing campaign with massive […]

Farfetch China’s Growth Outpaces China’s E-Commerce Market

China’s e-commerce market isn’t expanding quite as fast as the past few years anymore. Online retailer is bucking the trend by widening its appeal to women and China’s growing number of affluent consumers. It is fast becoming one of China’s most highly valued tech firms, narrowing the market-cap gap with […]

Vertical site

Sales of cosmetics and skincare explore, but why vertical sites are failing

Rumours of’s possible acquisition of, China’s leading fashion vertical sites dominated the social media these few days. Speculation of not, the once number one women-centric vertical site has definitely lost its shine. At the same time,, the largest vertical site selling cosmetics and skincare finds itself in […]

Cashless China

China Goes Cashless

You’ll probably find before long that cash becomes “useless” for small payments such as late hour takeout food, taxi ride or even grocery in convenient store when traveling in China, because businesses across the country are switching to mobile payment.  Apart from being incentivized by Internet giants like Alibaba and […]

WeChat store

China’s Social Commerce Will Top $150m by 2020

Social commerce, based on marketing activities via social media platform such as WeChat is developing rapidly in China. Stats show the market of social commerce has already reached $14 billion in 2014 with 9.16 million active merchants in total, and it will grow 10 times in the next three years, […]

China and US millennial consumers

China and US millennial consumers are converging

It’s a common practice for marketers to segment consumer groups by region, but what if the best way to slice is no longer by geography but age? Marketers may need to geo-locate for one-off campaigns, but as technology adoption influences our daily routines, forward-thinking entrepreneurs and marketers can look to how […]

China consumers

China Consumer Market Grows at 10% Per Annum – Still Leading the World

“Despite the fact that China’s GDP has slown down, the size of its consumer market is still growing at a pace of 10% per annum. “ said Carol Liao, Senior Partner and Managing Director for The Boston Consulting Group in Greater China at Davos World Economic Forum. According to a  […]


Foreigners More Active on WeChat in China

WeChat’s big data research reveals that foreigners living in China are more likely to use WeChat than typical Chinese people. Foreigners living in China sent 45% more WeChat stickers than Chinese users, while on average they sent 10 red packets per month. Red packet is a WeChat app that offers users […]