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The Chinese government has issued updated guidance on rules for cross-border e-commerce in the world’s second-largest economy, giving stakeholders much-needed clarity on potential changes in policy that have hung over the sector for the past year. In a statement released March 17, China’s Ministry of Commerce said that overseas goods & Walmart

Can Walmart’s Chinese Investments Bridge U.S.-China E-Commerce Gap?

Walmart increased its stake in Chinese e-Commerce retailer from 10.8% to 12.1%. With the expanded investment, Walmart’s stake in is worth approximately $4.87 billion. This marks the second time Walmart has increased its investment in since selling its Chinese e-Commerce operations to the company in June 2016.

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Tmall Global – Cosmetics and skincare beat mother and baby product to become the best-selling category

CBNData and Tmall Global jointly released their consumer report on Jan 11. According to this report, sales on Tmall Global continues to see significant growth since its 2014 inception with food, cosmetic and skincare and mother and baby products leading the sales as its main product categories. Interestingly enough, while everyone

China E-commerce

China Daily: E-commerce set to grow 15% by 2020

Chinese e-commerce is set to grow by 15% by 2020, cementing its position as the biggest e-commerce market worldwide, according to a report issued by Worldpay, a leading payments company with global reach. E-wallets were the most popular payment method in China in 2016 with an overwhelming 56% of market

China e-commerce

E-commerce law to boost regulation

RCross-border e-commerce will be more closely regulated in the draft of the country’s first e-commerce law, which is being reviewed at the 25th session of the 12th National People’s Congress Standing Committee from Monday to Sunday. The country promotes the development of cross-border e-commerce and the establishment of a supervision

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How Brands Do Social-commerce with WeChat?

Amazon is a minor player in China, with about 1% of the local e-commerce market. To drum up interest in its products imported from the U.S., Amazon just put a video ad on WeChat, the all-purpose mobile app, with a link guiding people to its online shop. H&M sent its

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Western Retailers Awakens to Single’s Day, But Still Need to Close the Gap…

While Alibaba is no stranger to breaking its own Single’s Day record (clocking a whooping US$18 billion sales this year), many Western retailers finally started to awaken to this biggest shopping bonanza on earth. Although many still not have a direct presence on any Chinese cross-border e-commerce platform such as

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Single’s Day and Black Friday

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba expects to log its highest ever number of daily transactions on its two shopping platforms, Tmall and Taobao, this Friday, on what is set to be the biggest ever iteration of its annual shopping festival Singles’ Day. More than 600 million transactions are expected to take

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Ant Financial Started VR Payment Trial

Walking down a shopping mall and browsing some new dresses, you see a red dot follow the line of your sight and linger on whatever may interests you. If you fix your eye on something long enough, before you know it the dress “flies” off the shelf and hovers before

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Alibaba Single’s Day Becomes “Single’s Month”

Officially, Single’s Day is about 3 weeks away, but the shopping spree has started earlier. Alibaba announced in 20 Oct in Hong Hong that this year’s Single’s Day campaign would be extended from 24 hours to 24 days, starting from 21 Oct and ending on the Single’s Day weekend. According