China Affiliate Marketing

affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is an ideal tool to integrate performance into your marketing campaign. Advertisers only pay for campaign results such as sales, leads or other actions specified by customers such as account sign up, newsletter opens or document download. You can choose to work with Baidu Affiliate Network, other major China affiliate networks or recruit your own affiliate sites, but it is essential to identify and work with the best performing affiliate partners who offer the most suitable affiliate platforms. Also it is necessary to choose a partner who can set up the right KPIs and regularly track the performance of your campaign. We offer the following affiliate marketing services:

  • Analyzing, recommending and selecting the best affiliate partners based on campaign cost, reach and performance
  • Creation of your affiliate campaign project including copy writing, display banner design, email design and etc.
  • Updating creative, copy writing materials for seasonal promotions and special requirements
  • Communication with and management of affiliate partners, monitoring and reporting your campaign performance
  • Development of your affiliate solution, implementation and optimization of your affiliate campaigns

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