Display Banner Media Planning & Buying

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China is probably one of the world’s most diversified market place with nearly 600 million Internet users distributed in various geographic regions. To target your chosen market segments and reach Chinese audience effectively, it is important to understand and choose from different media channels, place ads on the right media vehicles, identify the right frequency to achieve the desired result, allocate the right budget for each media channel and determine the optimal mix of banner display and retargeting campaign. We can help you with digital media planning and buying, campaign optimization and reporting.

Define Your Target Audience

Your offline audience may not be the same as your online audience. We can help you identify where your online business is coming from, where your business holds the biggest potential in China market, which market segments offer the best opportunity for growth and where your target audiences, prospects and customers are.

Set Up Your Digital Media Objectives

What are your business objectives? Brand recognition, more sales, seasonal/one-off promotion or product launch? We guide you in developing measurable KPIs for your business at each stage of your customer online journey, defining and improving your performance to meet set objectives.

Develop Your Media Solution

Reach, frequency, time schedules and space should be optimized for different media. We help you achieve ROI through the right mix of media spend, media type (display banner, retargeting & remarketing, DM), audience of media, time and space needed. We can also copy write ads and banners, as well as translate and localize your ad content into Chinese language.

Optimize Your Campaign

Optimal results for banner campaigns cannot be achieved without constant testing and performance-tracking. We can help you create multiple versions of your display banner and test them based on media type, demographics, time, frequency and other specifications to create the most impact achieve the best conversion rate.

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