Search Engine Marketing (SEM/PPC)


Baidu Search Engine Marketing 

  • We help you research, generate keywords and prioritize the use of these keywords, create and test ad copies, set up and track KPIs at each stage of customer online journey
  • We tap into customer insights and behavior to target your SEM campaign on the most suitable Chinese search engines, be it Baidu, Google China, Bing China, SoSo, 360 Search or any other search engine
  • We take an holistic approach to SEO and PPC, performing a thorough analysis to determine which keywords are to be targeted for SEO and which ones for PPC in order to maximize your campaign performance and ROI

Performance-Based PPC Campaign

  • We work with you to attach a tangible ROI to your marketing spend
  • Targeting every stage of your customer journey and your marketing objectives, we optimize your campaigns to meet your specific KPIs, be it visits, clicks or other conversion metrics such as Cost Per Action (CPA), Cost Per Sale (CPS) or Cost Per Lead (CPL)
  • We don’t stop at traffic generation but carries on to further level through landing page optimization, A/B split test and multivariate test to enhance conversion and lower marketing cost

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