Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO Keyword Research, Prioritization & Optimization

  • Different keywords are used by customers during different stages of their decision-making process, based on which we develop your keyword optimization strategy
  • We research your brand, products or services to identify the most relevant keywords. We also factor in insights from multiple sources such as historical web data, competitor analysis, social media trending, offline focus groups, indepth interview, keywords multiplication and etc.
  • We build your keywords repository by benchmarking your keywords on search volume, relevancy, social media trending and SEO difficulty and prioritize them for the best ROI results
  • We perform thorough gap analysis to determine which keywords can achieve top ranking on organic search through SEO and which ones on paid search through PPC

On-site SEO for Your Website

  • We optimize your website structure, coding and content, including url, meta tag, page title, internal link and Chinese SEO friendly copy-writing
  • We help you set up, configure and manage Baidu Webmaster tool and Baidu analytics account (Baidu Tongji)
  • We analyze and optimize your website’s performance such as speed, load time and domain redirect and etc and incorprate them into your on-site SEO efforts

Offsite SEO & Social Media

  • We help you source and increase inbound link from local sites to achieve high ranking on Baidu and other Chinese search engines
  • We use a range of other search engine-friendly SEO tactics such as directory indexation, link partnerships & exchanges, link bait, SEO optimized press release, blogger and online journalist, article writing & submission as well as infographics creation and distribution
  • We can help you set up and manage social media accounts such as Weibo, RenRen and QQ, and integrate your social media marketing with SEO objectives

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