Digital Strategy


As an emerging market with nearly 600 million Internet users, China holds huge potential in digital marketing. That’s why you need to take an integrated approach to build your audience. To help your potential customers find your products or services, you need to identify and convert them to active users, build lasting relationship and engage them through entire lifecycle. We manage the entire process from customer insights to implementing digital marketing campaign across all digital channels.

Brand Awareness & Promotion

  • China market segmentation, customer profiling (persona creation) and development of full customer journey targeting their demographics
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and PPC on Chinese search sites such as Baidu, Soso and 360
  • Chinese media buying & planning on major publisher sites and ad networks
  • Social media marketing: including account registration/setup, management and localization of content on Chinese social media sites such as Sina Weibo, RenRen, Qzone and etc.
  • Social communications and PR campaign through Key Opinion Leaders (KOL), bloggers and social media influencers
  • Chinese language website creation, including planning, development, User Interface (UI), User Experience (UX) design, translation and localization for Chinese language (Simplified Chinese characters or Traditional Chinese characters targeting different markets)
  • Mobile marketing: Creation and distribution of display ads and mobile apps

Acquisition & Conversion

We specialize in performance-based digital marketing to deliver acquisition and conversion.

  • SEM on all search Chinese engines based on customer-specified KPIs, be it Cost Per Action (CPA), Cost Per Lead (CPL) or Cost Per Sales (CPS)
  • Online display banners including publisher selecting, media buying, banner developing, management and performance tracking
  • SEO: both onsite and offsite optimization targeting all relevant Chinese search engines such as Baidu, Google China, Bing China, SoSo and 360 Search
  • Affiliate Marketing: On Baidu Affiliate network and other major affiliate sites, recruiting and negotiating with affiliate partners
  • Special campaign site and landing page development and optimization: usability, UI/UX optimization, conversion setup, tracking and optimization, A/B test, multivariate test, Web Analytics setup and management
  • E-commerce: setup and operation of online store on Chinese e-commerce marketplace such as Taobao, TMall, Jingdong and 360buy, or your own independent online store

Engagement & Retention

We develop and refine digital strategy to engage and manage your customer community, enlarge your fans, followers and sharers base and encourage their engagement to increase repeat visits, buzz, brand loyalty and advocacy in order to generate traffic and sales.

  • Newsletters development and distribution: Copy-writing, localization, distribution, performance tracking and optimization
  • Mobile app development, distribution and marketing
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) through lifecycle emails and social media
  • E-commerce: Operation of your online store, technical support and customer service 24/7

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