E-commerce Market Entry

Unlike etailers in western countries, most of their Chinese counterparts choose to host their e-commerce store on marketplace like TMall, Taobao and Jingdong to take advantage of the available infrastructure and huge customer base. Setting up only a standalone or independent online store without exposure on major marketplace is unlikely to succeed due to lack of online traffic, brand recognition, payment support and a number of other issues. We help you develop effective e-commerce strategy and choose the right marketplace to set up your store, as well as set up your independent store to support your overall e-commerce operation.

  • E-Commerce Market Research
  • Competitor Research Analysis¬†
  • China E-commerce Marketplace Screening & Selection
  • Integration of E-commerce with Offline channel & Digital Marketing

Set Up TMall store & Other Online store Setting up online store through marketplace such as TMall, Taobao and Jingling is the easiest and most cost-effective way to start online sales in China. You can fully customize the shop front and integrate backend into your Order Management System (OMS). We can set up, design and operate China online store for you. For independent online stores, we can help you select the right solution by matching your specific requirements with the most suitable shopping cart system and service provider.

  • Online store Design, Development & Localization
  • Set up TMall, Taobao & Other stores

What are the benefits of setting up online store on TMall? TMalll store, online store Please also check out our Digital Strategy and Digital Marketing service.