Set up TMall, Taobao Store & Other Online store

set up Tmall and Taobao

Setting up online store through marketplace such as TMall, Taobao and Jingdong is the easiest and most cost-effective way to start online sales in China. You can fully customize the shop front and integrate backend into your Order Management System (OMS). We can design and operate the online store for you. For independent online stores, we can help you select the right solution by matching your specific requirements with the most suitable shopping cart system and service providers.

Online store Design, Development & Localization

  • China Shop front design & translation of User Interface (UI)/localization of User Experience (UX) based on China best practices
  • Translation and localization of your entire online stores for Chinese language (Simplified Chinese or Traditional Chinese characters targeting different markets)
  • Integration of local solutions: Chinese check-out and payment (Alipay, China bank card support and other payment methods) page, live chat, registration for China trust and security symbol
  • Chinese Web Analytics Baidu web analytic tool (Baidu Tongji): Consulting, setup & management, reporting
  • Chinese ICP registration, setup and hosting on China or Hong Kong server, Chinese url name and trademark recommendation and registration

Setup TMall, Taobao Store & Other Stores

  • Consulting on choosing and setting up TMall, Taobao, Jingdong and other online stores
  • Shop front design, online store ‘decoration’ & merchandising
  • Integration of order management system and backend with your brick-and-mortar store and othe online store
  • Online store marketing services: Marketplace search optimization, paid search such as on eTao, display banners for promotion slots, email and social media, other marketplace-specific promotions
  • Store management, warehouse and logistic services

What are the benefits of setting up online store on TMall? TMalll store, online store Please also check our E-commerce Market Entry service. For setting up TMall stores, please check out our spacial landing page.