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China social media

Social networking in China is a very unique and enigmatic proposition for many western brands. Due to internet censorship and user experience issues, the traditional networking platforms that are popular in western countries have not been able to gain traction there. The market is dominated by domestic, Chinese social media outlets, which results in a specific networking eco-system that is unique to the Chinese market.

There is also a very large and attractive social media user base in China with estimated 400 million active monthly users. Chinese “Netizens” spend on average 40% of their 25 hours/week online on social networks.

For every western social media network, there is almost certainly a Chinese equivalent which tends to be more than a simple copy. The main social media networking platforms in China include Sina Weibo, WeChat and Qzone.

Developed by the leading Chinese portal site Sina, Sina Weibo is a micro-blogging platform which works in somewhat the same way as Facebook and Twitter. Sina Weibo has 500 million registered accounts and is the key social network for brands, allowing brands to engage with its users and deliver news release.

WeChat is Tencent’s flagship social network, it shares some characteristics of both Twitter and What’s App and has morphed into a fully fledged, integrated social network platform. Having amassed over 500 millions registered users, WeChat can serve as a very effective tool for brands to communicate with fans and followers, as well as facilitate content sharing through account subscription and idea exchanges with immediate friendship circles.

Created by Tencent, Qzone is one of the first launched social networking website in China. It provides an instant messaging platform but users can join groups to discuss certain topics.

Social Media Account Set Up

  • We research and analyze your social media requirements and help you apply for and set up social media accounts with Sina Weibo and WeChat
  • We design page layout, look and feel if your social media page following your brand guidelines

Social Media Account Maintenance & Promotion

  • We help you do day-to-day management of your social media accounts
  •  We work with you to generate and post engaging content including text, image and video; help you with news update and etc.
  • We help you build fan base, communicate and engage with users, followers and fans
  • We help you set up customer service on WeChat to communicate with users directly

WOM & KOL Campaign

  • We help you plan and execute Word of Mouth campaigns on Sina Webo
  • We conduct research and propose the most suitable choice of Key Opinion Leaders (KOL)
  • We communicate and cooperate with KOLs to plan and execute social media campaigns


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